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12th Dec 2022

Comedian Rhod Gilbert shares that his cancer is stage 4

Sarah McKenna Barry

Rhod Gilbert gives cancer update

‘In May, I noticed lumps started popping up in places they shouldn’t be’

Comedians have rallied around Rhod Gilbert after he shared that his cancer is stage four.

Over the weekend, he appeared on BBC Radio Wales where he talked about how he discovered he was ill.

He said: “I had a terribly sore throat, tightness through my neck. I was having to cancel shows because I couldn’t breathe.

“I was having all sorts of problems and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it. In May, I noticed lumps started popping up in places they shouldn’t be.”

He has since undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and has spoken highly about the level of care he has received, which is “beyond words”.

“I’m feeling happy, positive and optimistic,” he said. “I’m feeling good and feel like I’m recovering day-by-day.”

He later added that he wants to document his experience with cancer, and use it in a future set.

“Some days I’m well enough to do a bit of writing and I’ve got a feeling when I’ve got through all this there’ll be a show in it,” he said.

“The things people say when they find out you’ve got cancer… people panic. There’s a lot of humour in it.

“Hopefully I’m going to jot it all down and one day bring it to the stage.”

Since sharing his latest health update, a number of comedians have voiced their support of Rhod, and have promoted his new stand-up special, Rhod Gilbert: The Book of John.

On Twitter, Jimmy Carr wrote: “I’ve got a new DVD – not one I’m in one I’ve bought – it’s by my mate Rhod Gilbert and it’s bloody funny. (if you’ve got technology from 10 years ago knocking around the house get the DVD – if not download it like a normal person).”

Rob Brydon also promoted the DVD on Twitter, with a video.

In it, he says: “Hello, I’m Rob Brydon and I’m here to tell you about the new DVD from the greatest Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert, it’s called The Book Of John. The Guardian says it’s uproariously funny, and I agree. Go out and buy the perfect Christmas gift.”

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