Cardi B's new album went gold the moment it was released 3 years ago

Cardi B's new album went gold the moment it was released

Congratulations are in order.

Released today, Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album is already eligible for gold certification by the RIAA.


The Bronx-born rapper can attribute this figure to a technicality that has everything to do with the massive success of her smash single "Bodak Yellow", which topped the Billboard Hot 100 last September and has shifted over five million units to date.

Highlighted by Chart Data, 10 track units equal one album sale, which means Invasion of Privacy has moved 500,000 units on the strength of "Bodak Yellow" alone, enough to earn a gold certification.

The age of streaming continues to baffle many, especially when it comes to how many streams actually equal a sale, and it's more than likely going to continue to confuse people as long as there's no clear cut explanation - remember when TIDAL withheld its streaming data?

Unfortunately for Cardi, while the units from "Bodak Yellow" give her gold status already it won’t be counted toward Invasion of Privacy's first-week sales total.

Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy is out now. You can listen to it here.