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23rd Mar 2019

Bradley Walsh can’t hold himself together over question on The Chase

For Bradley Walsh this is Fanny Chmelar all over again…

Friday’s episode of The Chase was a hysterical affair with presenter Bradley Walsh struggling once again to read out a rather cheeky question.

Walsh however just about managed to get through it and asked contestant Roger: “Nineteenth century composer William Crotch was also famous as a player of what instrument: A) Oboe, B) Bagpipes C) Organ?” in between fits of laughter.

Although, we have to say, Roger didn’t find the whole thing near as funny as host Walsh did.

Walsh was doubled over trying to get the question out which prompted a roll of the eyes from chaser Mark Labbett.

Come on Roger, join in…

It doesn’t quite live up to the Fanny Chmelar incident, but few things do…