'Boris Johnson is a f**king c***' song set to crack Christmas chart 5 months ago

'Boris Johnson is a f**king c***' song set to crack Christmas chart

The song could be in for another strong position after breaking the top five last year

A punk song labelling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a "f**king c**t" is on course to yet again secure a high chart position in the race for Christmas Number 1.


Last year, The K**ts finished in the top five with their song 'Boris Johnson is a F**king C**nt' and have followed that up this year with 'Boris Johnson is Still a F**cking C**t.'

After the first 48 hours of the 2021 Christmas Number 1 race, The K**ts were at number five in the chart and look set for another strong chart position on Friday.

In a press release taking a first look at how the Christmas chart is shaping up, the Official Charts Company said: "It’s a strong start, but the band will need to keep up the momentum to hold on to their current placing against the streaming might of other tracks."


If you feel like giving the song a listen, downloading it or buying it, then check out its website here. It goes without saying that this comes with a mahoosive warning of very strong language.

Speaking to the NME about the inspiration for another go at the charts with the song, frontman K*nt said: "In all honesty, the fact that we got to Number Five last year and then a year later Johnson was still in charge and nothing seemed to have changed left me feeling a bit depressed and that doing anything else would just be pissing into the wind.


"But mid-November I went for a pint with my fellow Essex music stalwart, Jon Morter who did the Rage Against The Machine campaign in 2009, and he mentioned the analogy of when trying to fell a big tree you don’t just do it with once chop of the axe, you have to keep chipping away.

"I came out the pub that night doubly determined to give it another shot."


The first look at the chart was revealed on Sunday, which also saw LadBaby take an early lead in the race for Christmas Number 1.

LadBaby would get a record-breaking fourth consecutive festive number one if they are able to top the chart with 'Sausage Rolls For Everyone' - a reworking of Ed Sheeran and Elton John's festive song, 'Merry Christmas'.

Sheeran and Sir Elton both feature on LadBaby's version of the song.

We'll find out on Christmas eve who has managed to bag the famous number one spot - and where the K*nts finish with their entry.

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