New James Bond game being developed by makers of Hitman 1 year ago

New James Bond game being developed by makers of Hitman

It's official

Finally, the long, long wait for a new James Bond video game appears to be nearing its end.


IO Interactive, the same development studio that has produced the Hitman games and the Kane and Lynch series, confirmed on Thursday that it will be working on a new Bond game, releasing a short teaser as part of their announcement.

Admittedly, as far as teasers go, there isn't much to go at just yet - merely a short video featuring the film franchise's iconic gun barrel opening sequences - but this alone is enough to whet the appetite of anyone who's ever wasted countless hours on that old edition of GoldenEye 007 when they were kids.


Little more in the way of details are known at this point, but the game is currently referred to under a working title of 'Project 007' and will clearly delve into the origin story of the world's most famous secret agent.

'Earn your 00 status in a brand new James Bond video game to be developed and published by IO Interactive,' reads the tweet introducing the teaser video - also shared by the official Twitter account for the Bond franchise.


"It's true that once in a while, the stars do align in our industry," said IO studio boss Hakan Abrak .

"Creating an original Bond game is a monumental undertaking and I truly believe that IO Interactive, working closely with our creative partners at EON and MGM, can deliver something extremely special for our players and communities.

"Our passionate team is excited to unleash their creativity into the iconic James Bond universe and craft the most ambitious game in the history of our studio."


As for a release date, it's obviously far too early to speculate when that might be. For now, let's just be happy there's a new Bond game on its way.