BBC newsreader cracks up on air presenting story on man playing piano for monkeys 8 months ago

BBC newsreader cracks up on air presenting story on man playing piano for monkeys

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Have you ever watched the BBC's 24 hour news channel for a sustained period of time? Like, longer than half an hour in the middle of the day? You should, because you get to see stories like this read out by people like Simon McCoy, who might just be the most refreshingly honest newsreader around.


The story in question focused on a man in Thailand who has been playing the piano for monkeys to raise awareness of their hunger. With the coronavirus reducing the number of tourists visiting the country and feeding the monkeys, the poor fellas are not getting as much food as they need.

The pianist, Paul Barton can be seen playing iconic classical pieces as monkeys crawl all over him, tug on his hair, and stealing his sheet music.

McCoy, dictating the story to the viewer, can hardly contain his laughter at the bizarre nature of the story, as he sighs his way through the script.

"The monkeys are in fact his latest audience. He previously played Bach, Schubert, Chopin and for more than a decade to elephants at... retirement sanctuaries," McCoy said, failing to contain his hysterics at the end.


He is quite literally fighting back tears of laughter as he finishes the story, segueing straight into the weather with Matt Taylor.

It's not the first time McCoy has gone semi-viral for his newsreading. In October, viewers were loved his teasing comments at the end of a story about a family who had set up a contactless, covid-friendly trick-or-treat system.

"The transaction is entirely contactless... As will be her social life," McCoy quipped.