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14th Nov 2021

Anti-vaxxers are boycotting Tesco for their new Christmas advert

Kieran Galpin


Santa Claus is double jabbed, and the internet is not having it

Supermarket chain Tesco is being boycotted after they released their Christmas advert that features a double-vaccinated Santa Claus.

Having released on November 13, it took a matter of hours before people took to social media to complain about the advert, causing ‘Boycott Tesco’ to trend on Twitter.

But what’s so awful about the advert?

The Crimbo ad begins with a woman outside a Tesco store where an employee approaches her and asks if she needs help.

“Oh don’t you worry, my love, this year, nothing’s stopping me”, she replies before she puts on a pair of goggles and a helmet and scoots away on an e-scooter.

The woman then scoots through various festive settings, including an office party, Christmas food delivery, and last-minute shopping.

Though each set posed an obstacle, the characters were able to overcome them to that jaunty tune of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

But here’s where things that a political twist.

A breaking news story says Santa may have to quarantine, but then the bearded fella appears at border control equipped with a vaccine passport and proof of double vaccination.

Those ten seconds have ruffled the feathers of the countries Anti-vaxxers, with one person on Twitter writing: “@Tesco I spent £250 a week with you in food, always fill up to £175 in fuel per week! This ends today!! Utter disgusting promoting vaccine passports!! SCUM.”

Another person posted an image with a destroyed Tesco Clubcard, writing ‘never again’.

“Bad move. Take this ad down now,” wrote celebrity chef Tonia Buxton.

Another very unhappy Twitter user wrote: “Get your rancid, fascist propaganda off our screens @Tesco.”

While sufficient complaints are floating around on social media, a vast number of people are using the hashtag to ridicule those livid over the advert.

Andy says: “#BoycottTesco is the best thing ever! All the anti-vaxx nuts are steering clear, so it’ll be the safest place to do my weekly shop! Goodbye”

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