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27th Apr 2021

Andy Murray reviews the best and worst tennis scenes from films


Turns out people getting hit with tennis balls in the face is not as common as Hollywood would have you believe

Sport and the film industry have something of a checkered past. While Hollywood has successfully portrayed the worlds of politics, crime, journalism and tiny animate toys fighting for their lives, sport has always been something of a struggle.

It’s the reason that some of the best sports movies to ever be made don’t really focus on the on-field action, choosing instead to shine a light on the relationships and politics within it.

Football fans regularly complain about the level of action seen in films like the Goal series, as well as various other attempts at bringing the beautiful game to life on the big screen.

But it’s not just football that struggles to in film – tennis also has a bit of a problem.

So, to find out exactly what that problem is, we enlisted the help of one Andy Murray to watch some clips of tennis from popular films of the past, and to give his view on the quality of the scenes within.

Speaking to us through premium tennis label, AMC, which he is a shareholder and ambassador of, Andy gleaned a few things – namely that Hollywood clearly believes people getting hit in the face with tennis balls is A) funny and B) much more frequent than it actually is.

It wasn’t all bad though, there was at least one he did enjoy. But c’mon Hollywood, you have to do better.

Andy Murray wears AMC, a premium tennis clothing brand created and designed by Andy and Castore –