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02nd Dec 2016

Andrew Sachs’ six greatest scenes as Manuel in “Fawlty Towers”

We've lost a true comedy legend in Andrew Sachs – here are his most hilarious Manuel moments.

Alex Finnis

Fawlty Towers star and comedy legend Andrew Sachs passed away last night, at the age of 86. In Manuel, he created one of the best-loved characters in British comedy history.

While Fawlty Towers had just 12 episodes, it was enough for Sachs to make a huge impression on the nation – whether it was those who were watching him at the time, or watching him many years later, probably encouraged by their parents who’d fallen in love with the show back in the ’70s.

Manuel has a lot of brilliant moments – many of them involving him being beaten up and attacked by Basil – almost always unfairly. Last night on Twitter John Cleese called Sachs’ performances “inspired”, and said he could never have found a better Manuel.

In honour of our favourite little waiter from Barcelona, here are six of his most classic scenes. They’re all absolutely worth watching from start to finish.


1. When there was too much butter on those trays:


2. When he had to man the phones:


3. When he knew nothing:


4. When he practised his English:


5. When the guest really wanted his sausages:


6. When the door got filled in: