An iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead could have been so much different 4 years ago

An iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead could have been so much different

"David, kill the Queen!"

Having seen the trailer for Edgar Wright's new film Baby Driver, we were instantly transported back to some of the truly memorable musical moments that we've been treated to in his films.


If you've followed Wright's work from the days of Spaced then you'll know that very few directors have his ability to match an excellent eye for a shot with a superb ear for a tune.

Who could forget the famous rave in Spaced, the use of Panic by The Smiths in Shaun of the Dead or The Clash at Demonhead performing in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Truth be told, we're still suckers for that 8-bit intro.

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The talented filmmaker was a guest on Edith Bowman's Soundtracking show and in an extremely interesting interview, he revealed that the famous 'jukebox' scene in Shaun of the Dead could have been soundtracked by something other than Queen's iconic anthem, Don't Stop Me Now.


While Wright admits that the script was written with Don't Stop Me Now in mind, the producers did have a backup track in place,  just in case Queen/their record label charged too much for the use of the song.

"It's funny to me that we used it in the film and we had to clear it before we started filming. Our film was not a big budget film, so it's actually thanks to Queen that they gave it to us at a decent rate. 15 years ago, some bands were just completely off limits. Led Zeppelin might charge £250,000, but the Queen track, they gave it to us for about 15k which is amazing. We wouldn't have a scene without it", he says.

Wright adds: "We did have a B-choice if Queen said no. Our B-choice was Rasputin by Boney M. We even roughly tried it out in choreography to see what it would be like."

Here's that track.


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If you needed another reason to love Queen, this scene below should do it.

Fair play to the people that decided to let Edgar Wright use this song for a decent price.

How's that for a slice of fried gold?


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