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13th May 2015

A compilation of every single one of Michael Jackson’s woos, grunts and hee-hees


Nooruddean Choudry

Michael Jackson’s numerous little grunts and shamon’s made each of his recordings sound instantly recognisable…

In the context of his pop songs they make perfect sense, only serving to enhance some of the greatest tunes in the history of contemporary music.

But when you isolate and combine them into a single video, as did Youtuber michaelm2391, they sound really really weird.

At various times, the compilation resembles:

– Somebody stubbing their toe again and again and again;

– Some kind of weird chipmunk sex;

– Lion-O for the Thundercats hailing a taxi;

– A man being dragged down a flight of stairs;

– A woman getting into a really hot bath.

Anyway, judge for yourself. Although be warned – it may be safe for work, but the noises coming out of your speakers won’t always sound especially decent…