80,000 people sign petition to reinstate Piers Morgan on GMB 7 months ago

80,000 people sign petition to reinstate Piers Morgan on GMB

You know he resigned, yeah?

More than 80,000 people have signed a petition to reinstate Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain after the professional polemicist walked way from the job.


His resignation came after a chaotic couple of days surrounding the interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey about their experience in the royal family and why they decided to walk away.

In the interview, Markle revealed that she had felt suicidal at times, and did not feel supported by the "firm" against a tirade of negative, racially charged headlines in the tabloid press.

Morgan then said live on TV that he "does not believe a word she says." His response was widely criticised for its insensitivity, and promoted 41,000 Ofcom complaints, which led to an investigation. But just hours after the investigation was announced, he walked away from the job.

If reports are to be believed, he walked after ITV bosses demanded a full and frank apology on air.

Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, he doubled down on his take, playing the free speech card.

And so despite him choosing to quit his job on GMB, thousands of people are signing a petition to get him back on their TV screens every morning, for his "common sense approach."


The Change.org petition, was actually started by Margaret Lowry from Cambridgeshire over a year ago. Its mission statement reads: "Keep Piers Morgan for his common sense approach to life. He’s also funny!! He’s not afraid to speak out and says what a lot of us are thinking."

Evidenced by the fact he continued to poison national discourse for another year, his "free speech" was not "stifled" regardless of whatever calls for him to be sacked were circulating at the time.

And now the petition has gained traction again following his resignation.

Under "reasons for signing" the petition, signatories have written:

"Standing up for common sense against the woke patrol."


"Fight for free speech. ITV should be ashamed of themselves giving in to the snowflake and woke brigade."

And my personal favourite: "PIERS IS A STRAIGHT UP G."

Again, he wasn't sacked by the woke patrol. He resigned and will re-emerge on another platform to spout the some nonsense in due course.