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24th May 2017

12 things that you probably missed from the stunning Game of Thrones trailer

Paul Moore

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms.”

Yep, we’ve checked. It’s not quite July 16th but holy mother of God, that was one hell of a trailer!

After deciphering every little clue, frame and piece of dialogue, our Maesters have uncovered a few little gems that you may have missed from the action packed footage.

Dany is home.

As we saw in the very first teaser, Daenerys has finally reached the Targareyn fortress of Dragonstone. Take a look at the sigil at the top.

That’s her sitting on the throne where her ancestors once sat but…

She’s not alone.

We’re fairly certain that Melisandre is watching down as Dany arrives. Given that the Red Priestess was exiled by Jon, it would make sense that she returns to Dragonstone, especially since she spent so much time here with Stannis.

A girl has some company.

This shot of Arya is very ominous because it’s clear that something is watching her? The Hound, The Brothers Without Banners, or perhaps a reunion with her direwolf, Nymeria?

The Lannisters debts are coming in.

As we know, Dany has her sights set on the Iron Throne, but we don’t think she’ll make a beeline for King’s Landing.

In fact, in the Dragonstone throne room, we see the camera dwell on Casterly Rock.

Well, note the Lannister sigils that appear in the photo below. And yes, that is the Unsullied that are attacking.

Brienne is at Winterfell.

The last we saw of Brienne, she was in the Riverlands with Jamie. Here she is with Sansa and Jon. A happy reunion?

Jon Snow isn’t happy.

Well, Jon’s never happy but it appears that he heard something that he didn’t like in what appears to be the crypts of Winterfell. That’s definitely Littlefinger that he’s grabbing.

Has he finally found out his true parentage in front of his mother’s own grave? Maybe, Jon’s after discovering Littlefinger’s scheming plans to turn Sansa against her own half-brother?


That scheming look won’t convince us that Lord Baelish’s intentions are good.

Jon Snow is also taking the fight to the Night’s King.

Ok, we’re speculating here but this looks like Jon and Tormund are actually marching north of The Wall.

First of all, that’s the gates of Castle Black opening.

Are they trying a daring raid as seen by this formation and defensive tactic?

Maybe they’re making a desperate attempt to grab that dragonglass that they left behind at Hardhome? Perhaps Jon is trying to reach Bran.

We know nothing!

Whatever is happening beyond The Wall, they better run for their lives!

Greyscale is creeping in.

We’re almost certain that is Ser Jorah.

Greyworm is getting frisky.

His romance with Missandei is getting physical. Well, as physical as it can get for a eunuch.

Elaria Sand is also getting frisky.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t that Yara Greyjoy? Given that House Martell and House Greyjoy are mutual allies through Daenerys, this alliance would make sense.

What about Theon?

Well, we’re fairly certain that this ship belongs to his uncle Euron. That means danger must be near.

Well, it’s definitely trouble.


Dragons, dragons and dragons! The battle for the Iron Throne is heating up!

Right, let’s take a look again.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres exclusively on 17 July on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV at 2am, repeated at 9pm on the same day.