Trump Organization and CFO will be criminally charged, according to reports 10 months ago

Trump Organization and CFO will be criminally charged, according to reports

Has Donald been trumped?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that both Trump Organisation and its CFO Allen Weisselberg will face tax-related criminal charges from the Manhatten District Attorney's office. These charges are believed to be issued on July 1st.


District Attorney Cyrus Vance has been investigating the company for years now. It is believed that the charges relate to taxes not being paid on undisclosed 'corporate perks'. Said perks include real estate, cars, and straight-up cash.

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Prosecutors and Trump's legal team reportedly met on Monday, where they hoped to convince the DA not to move forward with the charges.

“Standard practice throughout the US business community, and in no way a crime,” said Trump in response to the charges. However, since 2017, the company has been held by a trust controlled by none other than the former president, his sons, and CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Last year, a legal battle ensued between the former president's lawyers and the DA's office. Eventually, they acquired the documents once the request was issued to the supreme court. Though the exact numbers are yet to be revealed, Vance's office has said that it "could establish crimes" that range from tax and insurance fraud to the falsification of business records.

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The allegations were described as “mountainous”, which could allude to the grandeur of his crimes. Would it really come as a surprise at this point? It looks like he will have to get revenge on Zuckerberg a lot sooner than expected!

A panicked Trump insisted that he still retained some form of immunity from complying with subpoenas, which the supreme court denied. In true Trump fashion, he then referred to the case as a 'witch hunt'.

We are hopefully reaching the end of the pandemic; the football is probably coming home, and now this. We know Trump is orange, but soon enough, his suit could be too.