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04th Feb 2022

Terrifying video captures moment man pulls pistol on police officer during tense standoff

Kieran Galpin


The clip was shared by a bystander through the London & UK Crime Twitter page

A video shared on Twitter captured the moment an alleged criminal pulls a gun on a police officer trying to book him.

Shared on the London & UK Crime Twitter page, the video begins with a kitted-up officer holding a white man in a black coat on the ground. After a moment, and a brief tussle, the unidentified man finds his footing and a standoff begins. The officer seemingly aims his taser at the assailant but the man picks up a firearm that looks to have been on the floor.

The final moments of the harrowing clip show the officer disarming the attacker and pushing him to the curb.

It’s believed that the attack happened early on February 4, sometime between 7:40 and 7:55 in Mornington Crescent, Camden. The man is said to have been involved in a police chase, where he drove a VW Golf.

Daniel Sanford, Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC News, confirmed that the incident was real while also noting that the “gun was a replica.”

People have been reacting to the clip online, with one person writing: “Incredible work by this officer. Glad to hear they’re okay.”

Another wrote: “How does he ride his police bike with bollocks that big? Flushed face Very Well handed squire. Thankfully, just a fake but he wasn’t to know.”

“Brave, brave man,” said another. “An absolutely selfless act, he could have justifiably let him walk away in the circs…

“It could all have ended so differently though.

“He’s probably re-watching it on the news and thinking, “What the hell was I thinking about!”

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