Man arrested for threatening to blow up McDonald's over missing sauce 1 year ago

Man arrested for threatening to blow up McDonald's over missing sauce

A man in America has found himself in a pickle!

We've all been there; having spent what seems like hours in the Maccies drive through, you finally delve into that signature paper bag in such of your nuggs, fries, and of course, your favourite dip. But let's make one thing clear, sweet and sour is the only acceptable choice!


Robert Golwitzer Jr/Via Polk County Jail

But one hungry customer lost his mind when he could not find his sauces! But in all seriousness, did he check his footwell? Instead of going into the restaurant and mentioning it to a staff member, the gentleman instead decided to phone in a bomb threat.


But the criminal was not able to relish his success. The police have now arrested him, but only after they were able to ketchup.

Ankeny PD Lt. Rob Kovacs spoke to TMZ about this saucy scandal:

"Robert Golwitzer Jr. was arrested for making a false report of an explosive or incendiary device after cops say he called the Mickey D's where he'd just picked up an order of nuggets and said he hoped the restaurant would blow up ... because they forgot his sauces."

TMZ also reports that this is a class D felony, of which other crimes include arson, burglary, armed robbery, voluntary manslaughter and hummuscide, I mean homicide!


The fast-food franchise gave the police the gentleman's number, and when contacted, he turned himself in.