Jeremy Clarkson says group of men tried to take a photo of his penis 11 months ago

Jeremy Clarkson says group of men tried to take a photo of his penis

Clarkson details the harassment in his column

Writing in his column for The Sun, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson talks about his interactions with fans while out in public. This is not the first time Clarkson has been harassed, and unfortunately for people in the spotlight, it won't be the last.


Though Clarkson says he often comes across "good-natured" fans, there are still people out there for continuously cross the line.


"If I walk past a building site, or a pub, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be surrounded almost immediately by a gang of young men shouting, 'One photo. One photo'.

"I could be on my way to a funeral. Or an important meeting. But it doesn't matter.

"They never take 'no' for an answer and often, things turn mildly physical."

Revealing one particularly bizarre fan interaction, he added: "I was once accosted at a motorway service station urinal.


"A group of guys seemed very determined to take a photograph of my penis.

"And there's no point using the cubicles instead because if they know you're in there, camera phones will soon appear under the door and over the side of the stalls."

Back in June, Clarkson was also assaulted by Manchester City fans, which he talked about in his Column.

"After a flight where the refreshment flowed, we had a long lunch in the Portuguese sunshine, which meant I was quite cheerful when we arrived at the stadium.

"So cheerful, in fact, that I got separated from my party and found myself surrounded by some good-natured City fans who decided to express their good-naturedness by punching me in the side of the head."

"It took ten minutes to convince a policeman that it was just ­joshing that had gone a bit wrong and that no one needed to go to the station.

"And then I had to spend another ten minutes watching an ambulanceman move his finger around to convince himself that I didn’t need to go to the hospital either.

"But eventually, I wobbled into the stadium to do 97 minutes of excitable shouting."