Dad arrested in Singapore over Facebook video of him riding a train without a mask 5 months ago

Dad arrested in Singapore over Facebook video of him riding a train without a mask

A man has been detained in Singapore after footage surfaced online of him without wearing a mask on public transport. If he is found guilty, he could face six months in jail.

On the way home from work, Benjamin Glynn was filmed without a mask while on a train. A fellow commuter recorded him and uploaded it to social media, which resulted in authorities becoming involved.


In Singapore, it is mandatory to wear a mask when not in your residence, but Glynn does not believe in masks or their efficiency in protecting you from Covid. Glynn worries it could be twelve months before a trial, and with his passport confiscated, he is marooned in the country.

"I never normally wear a mask, but this is the first time it has been an issue," he said.

"I had no idea anyone had even been filming until the police were at the door - I've never even seen the video because it was removed before I had chance."

After arresting him while his family slept, the police held him in jail for 28 hours. They have since released him on bail. The father of two was due to transfer to a position in the UK, but this has now been revoked.


Glynn pictured with a neon mask

"This whole situation is ridiculous.

"I want to leave the country anyway - just let me go!

"I think it's insane that I am facing a trial at all, just for not wearing a mask."


"It's a horrible situation to be in when I don't know when I can next see my family," he said.

"Especially when I don't even believe masks stop the spread of the virus in the first place.

"I honestly believe it's a hoax - I don't feel there is any evidence to show mask-wearing is effective in any way.

"From a scientific basis, I think it's nonsense.


"But now all I can do is wait."

Officials in Singapore are unable to comment on the case due to it being confidential. However, representatives from the UK are in conversation with Singapore officials to try and get the situation sorted.