COMMENT: Why I’ll be voting today to stop Brexit 2 years ago

COMMENT: Why I’ll be voting today to stop Brexit

Today Britain goes to the polls for this year’s local elections.

While many will be voting on local issues – closures to local A&E departments, improved bin collections, reduced council tax – for me there is only one deciding factor when it comes to choosing a candidate: British exit, or Breggsit as I like to say.

Brexit isn’t a single issue. Brexit is everything, and everything is Brexit. It pervades all areas of life and if, like me, you oppose it there is no better way to send a message than to vote for an anti-Brexit party today. Possibly apart from putting #FBPE in your Twitter name.

That’s right. I will give my vote to neither Labour nor the Conservatives, the two main parties of Brexit. I want a Labour Brexit no more than I want a Tory Brexit. Both scenarios would be disastrous for Britain.

Today I will proudly be voting for the Liberal Democrats, who will stop Brexit.

My local Lib Dem candidate (can’t remember his name) will, with my vote, win my ward and become a councillor. Then, from city hall, he will single-handedly stop Brexit somehow.

Even if he finishes third, like last time, my vote will send a strong message to both Mr Corbyn and Mrs May that there’s a bloke in a ward somewhere in Britain whose vote you lost because of Brexit. Because I’ll write on my ballot paper why I didn’t vote for them, and they’ll read it. And they will break down in tears when the overwhelming and crushing realisation dawns on them that Brexit is wrong and must be stopped. And Brexit won’t happen.

Today, your vote can change the course of British history. Use it.