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06th Apr 2020

The pre-recorded comedy night police tried to shut down


“The police tried to shut us down”

With a lockdown in place, mass gatherings are now prohibited in the United Kingdom which, we presume, you were already aware of. Because of this normal things like going for dinner, to a pub, or to a stand up show are not currently allowed.

To try and get ahead of the situation, Paul Smith, the resident host at Hot Water Comedy in Liverpool, decided to pre-record a show that the club could then stream to viewers online.

While not quite the same as being there in the flesh, perhaps this show could go some way to cheering up people self isolating or social distancing at home through all of this.

So they streamed the show, but unfortunately the pre-recorded nature of it did not dawn on a lot of people, meaning that the police were called for what someone presumably thought was a speakeasy comedy night. The rest is just glorious.