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07th May 2015

Video: Woman uses app to alert Pizza Hut to hostage situation


A woman in Florida showed incredible quick-thinking to call for help during a hostage situation.

Cheryl Treadway was held in her house along with her three young children on Monday by then-boyfriend Ethan Nickerson, who had taken her phone away and was “sharpening a large hunting knife”.

However, Ms Treadway persuaded Nickerson to let her order food on the Pizza Hut app, and typed the message ‘Please help. Get 911 to me… 911hostage help!’ while his back was turned.


Staff at Pizza Hut alerted police, who arrived at the address and arrested Nickerson.

He has now been remanded in custody facing charges of kidnapping, battery causing bodily harm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and obstruction of justice.