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04th Jun 2017

Tom Cruise has revealed the name of the Top Gun sequel

Carl Kinsella

It’s been 21 years since Top Gun came to the big screen, and after more than two decades we’re finally getting a sequel.

Star of the original, Tom Cruise, has revealed the title of the follow-up to Access Hollywood, and its guaranteed to get fans of the first one totally pumped to see what the sequel will have in store.

Top Gun: Maverick.

It’s got a really nice ring to it, although it’s not exactly groundbreaking. In the original, Tom Cruise plays Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, so all we’ve really learned from the title is that it’ll be about… the guy we expected it to be about. Nevertheless, we’re buzzed to see it.

Cruise has said the film will have the same tone and style, and they’re brining back the aviators. The film is expected to begin shooting within a year, but no release date has been set.