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22nd Jun 2018

These are the most dangerous places to go on holiday

Wil Jones

At least according to insurance claims

Always make sure you get holiday insurance

We know it is a hassle, we know it feels like a waste of £15 when you are already paying through the nose for that stag do. But if something does happen, you will be very glad that you only have to pay the excess, and not thousands on medical bills.

And on a related note, if you want to scare yourself, a list of the most dangerous holiday destinations has been released.

We should give it context though – the list comes from insurer Ensleigh, and reveals the countries where the most holiday insurance claims were made in 2017.

Topping the list is Thailand, where 23 percent of claims were made – so that gap year might be more dangerous than you though. Your mum was right to be all panicky about you going to find yourself.

Chile and The USA took second and third.

Here is the full list:

  1. Thailand (23 per cent)
  2. Chile (15 per cent)
  3. US (15 per cent)
  4. Spain (8 per cent)
  5. Germany (8 per cent)
  6. Nepal (8 per cent)
  7. Peru (8 per cent)
  8. France (7 per cent)
  9. Bahamas (4 per cent)
  10. Brazil (4 per cent)