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22nd Apr 2017

The viral BBC kids are getting their own TV show

Trine Jensen-Burke

It was a moment of pure TV (and internet) gold when four-year-old Marion Kelly (followed by her baby bro and frantic mother) burst through the doors and essentially gatecrashed her father’s live BBC interview.

Political science professor Robert Kelly and his inputs on what is going on in Korea hadn’t a hope – just one look at Marion and her “bippeti boppeti” walk and, collectively, we all fell hook, line and sinker.

And then, a few days later, at a family press conference to discuss the tot’s newfound viral fame, little Marion’s no-f**ks-given attitude made her an out and out internet star.

Between her steely stare, pink-rimmed glasses and the ever-present lollipop dangling from her mouth, one thing became clear: It is Marion’s world – the rest of us are merely living in it.

And now the adorable Kelly kids are getting their very own TV show (well, kind of) and we could not be more excited.

According to the Huffington Post, earlier this week Hans House Productions released the first episode of “The Adventures of Mina and Jack”― an animated YouTube series based on our all-time favourite viral kids, Marion and James.

The show apparently follows Mina and Jack ― “a mischievous duo who can’t help but get into trouble … and on the news.”

In the show’s first episode, little Mina and Jack join their dad, who works for the U.N. (or “the un” as Mina calls it), on a trip to North Africa to catch a gold thief.

And naturally, professor Kelly is already a fan of the show inspired by his kids.

“I thought it was so cute,” Kelly stated in a press release. “My wife and I both laughed. They made me look suitably dorky.”