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02nd Jul 2017

The ten lesser-seen Rick & Morty characters we really want back for Season 3

Rory Cashin

Not long to go now until the third season of Rick and Morty is back in our eyes!

With the trailer for the new season landing this week, and the proper release date of 30 July now set in stone, it is time to get properly excited for this one-of-a-kind show again.

While we all obviously love Rick and Morty and Summer and the rest of the more regular gang, there have been a few one-offs we have popped up through the first two seasons that we would love to see again.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t include some of our favourites like Krombopulous Michael or Dr. Xenon Bloom on account of them being, y’know, (SPOILERS) …. dead.

With that in mind, here are ten we would most definitely get behind if they were to make a return in the new season.

10. Ants-In-My-Eyes Johnson

We know it isn’t very likely that Mister Johnson will be making a return, since he is very busy selling stuff he can’t see (or feel) at prices he hopes aren’t TOO LOW, but we really want to have a conversation with him to find out what led him down his particular career path.

9. Blim Blam the Klorblok

Truth be told, we actually kinda hate Blim Blam, the creature with Space Aids that eats babies. The fact that he just slithered out of Rick’s secret basement lair with nothing but a bad attitude and a universal translator means we want to know what exactly happened next once he got passed the “Best. Door. Ever.”

8. Snuffles/Snowball

He single-handedly (singled-pawedly?) took over the entire planet, but gave it all up for Morty’s life (kinda), before abandoning Earth for another planet where hyper-intelligent dogs could live in peace. Rick thinks it would be a great idea for a spin-off show. We agree.

7. Shrimpley Pibbles

The man who could potentially save hundreds of billions of alien lives around the universe, if only Jerry could give up his genitals to help save his heart. Voiced by none other than Werner Herzog, he astutely observed that humanity enjoyed pretending that everything could double as our penis, making us “Mister So-And-So Dick.”

6. Paul Fleischman

When Jerry gets put in an all-Jerry daycare filled with plenty of other alternative stowaway Jerrys, there are some timelines in which Beth remarries, and that is where Paul comes in. He’s a nice guy, doesn’t overstep his mark with Morty, and just wants Jerry to help everyone out with the aux-input on the new TV.

5. Evil Morty

Across the infinite variations of Rick and Morty, there is at least one version of the otherwise placid, low-IQ Morty that is the exact opposite of that, and almost managed to completely wipe out the other Ricks in the universe with the help of brain-control and a source of hate we’ve yet to uncover.

4. Doofus Rick

On the flip side of the normally acerbic, heartless Rick, there is one variation of the genius that isn’t quite as smart as the rest, but makes up for it with massive amounts of heart. This is the one version of Rick that Jerry actually gets along with, but their friendship is unfortunately too short lived. Also, rumours persist that he may or may not eat his own poop.

3. Mister Meeseeks

Existence is pain for a Meeseeks, they are created with the sole purpose of performing a single action and promptly stop existing. Sharp-eyed viewers will have spotted one in the background when Rick and Morty are playing the “Roy” video-game in Blips & Chitz, with the Meeseeks behind them helping another customer finish their game.

2. Zeep Xanflorp

The only guy in all of the universe to actually give Rick a run for his money IQ-wise, we just know that Zeep has been plotting his revenge from inside Rick’s car-engine this entire time. His world is still slaving away creating energy within the Microverse (or is it Miniverse? Or Tini-verse?), he was voiced by none other than Stephen Colbert, and we really wanna see him break free and wreck havoc in Rick’s world.

1. Mister PoopyButthole

We really don’t feel we need to explain this one.