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05th Feb 2018

Here’s every trailer from the Super Bowl for film fans to marvel at

Paul Moore

Holy crap, loads of great titles are coming your way.

To hell with the football – actually, we do love the fact that the Always Sunny cast lost their minds after the Eagles won – because the Super Bowl is famous for another thing, loads and loads of trailers.

Ok, let’s start our roundup with some footage that you might not have seen elsewhere. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything here in one handy list!

Avengers: Infinity War

Talking Point: World’s end and superheroes collide in this latest TV spot. We got a little nerdgasm at the sight of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Doctor Strange all sharing a scene.

Release date: 27 April

Clip via Marvel Entertainment


Talking Point: The Rock does his best impression of John McClane…without the cursing and vest.

Release date: 13 July

Clip via Universal Pictures

A Quiet Place

Talking Point: An incredibly strong premise for a horror and the global threat seems very interesting from this latest promo.

Release date: 6 April

Clip via Paramount Pictures

Red Sparrow

Talking Point: Not much we haven’t seen in the first trailer but Lawrence working with her namesake has already proven to be a massive hit in The Hunger Games films. We’re expecting good things.

Release date: 2 March

Clip via 20th Century Fox

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Talking Point: Han enlisting in the Empire? Lando, the Falcon, Chewie! All to be revealed with the full trailer soon.

Release date: 25 May

Clip via Star Wars

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Talking Point: We’ve been told that it’s very much like a horror film, the latest trailer is proof of that.

Release date: 22 June

Clip via Universal Pictures

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Talking Point: Aside from the crazy action and stunts – a helicopter flying on the road!- this actually seems like it’s going to delve more into Ethan Hunt’s character.

Release date: 27 July

Clip via Paramount Pictures

The Cloverfield Paradox

Talking Point: HOLY CRAP! It’s already here.

Release date: Available now on Netflix.

Clip via Netflix