The channel that shows Christmas movies 24/7 is launching today 1 year ago

The channel that shows Christmas movies 24/7 is launching today

Don't say it is too early

Sony Movies Christmas, the channel that shows Christmas movies all day, every day up until Christmas itself has launched today.


Yes, it is only September. I know it is hard to tell what day of the week it right now, let alone what month we're on. But yes, we are still three months away from Christmas.

The launch of the all-Christmas movie channel has become somewhat of an annual tradition, something that people look forward too as much as other Christmassy capitalist regulars like Starbucks red cup or mawkish John Lewis commercials.

According to Sky's marketing site, the channel "airs back to back feel-good Christmas movies, all day every day, offering families the perfect Christmassy content to sit down and snuggle up to!"


The channel is available on Freeview 50, Sky 319, Virgin 424 or Freesat 303.

Of course, don't expect the likes of Die Hard or Home Alone to necessarily be on there. Looking at the schedule published so far, it is mostly your standard made-for-TV movie fare that they usually show, that you've never heard of.

The line-up for the first day includes such classics as A Beauty and The Beast ChristmasThe March Sisters at ChristmasI'll Be Next Door For ChristmasSanta's Summer HouseAnother Christmas Kiss, Defending Santa (starring Dean Cain!) and Christmas Do-Over.

Not heard of any of them to be honest.


Coming up at midnight on Sunday though is a Christmas-themed superhero film starring Wee Man from Jackass and Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator.

I mean, just read the description for Elf-Man: "An inventor is kidnapped on Christmas eve by a gang of thieves who are after his latest creation. His two children make a wish for someone to save him which is answered by Santa Claus, who sends one of his elves to become a festive superhero and go on a rescue mission."

It sounds brilliant.