Netflix is rebooting insane masked dating show Sexy Beasts 1 month ago

Netflix is rebooting insane masked dating show Sexy Beasts

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Ever feel that TV is moving beyond parody? Like, that ideas that a few years ago that would have been parodies on 30 Rock are now actual real TV programmes.

A good example of this would be Sexy Beasts, the BBC Three dating show that was kind of like a mix of First Dates and The Masked Singer. The big twist was that the potential daters all wore terrifying prosthetic make-up that made them look like various different animals.

Despite only running for one series in 2014, it did get remade in the USA, South Korea and Germany. And the haunting images it left in the minds of anyone who watched it probably still linger in their nightmares.

Now it appears the show is being rebooted, courtesy of Netflix.

As reported by The Sun's Bizarre column, the streaming giant is launching a dating show which is reportedly based on Sexy Beasts. The show will feature both American and British daters, and run for 12 episodes.

The show was developed under the title 'The Date' and was filmed between September and November.

"This show offers a new take on the idea of a fantasy date," an insider told The Sun. "There are no Kim Kardashian lookalikes here."

"All potential lovers will attempt to find the one while wearing an elaborate prosthetic mask of a strange fantasy beast."

"Much like ITV’s hit The Masked Singer, the fun is in guessing who the real person is behind the mask and what they might actually look like, before the big reveal when masks are off and contestants are shown exactly who they’ve fallen for."

This will of course will not be Netflix's only surreal dating show. Love Is Blind, where prospective partners went speeding dating without being able to see what the other person looked like, was a hit in early 2020. The daters then had to choose who to propose to, only getting to see them after they had made their choice.