Matt Lucas hits out at newspaper for constantly calling him 'egghead' 1 year ago

Matt Lucas hits out at newspaper for constantly calling him 'egghead'

'It's so weird that an adult in 2021 would actually write like that'

Matt Lucas has criticised the way that he is often referred to by a particular newspaper in their articles on the Great British Bake Off.


The former Little Britain and Come Fly With Me star is one of the most recognisable names in British TV, and has hit our screens again in the past couple of weeks as the Bake Off returns with its celebrity specials in aid of Stand Up to Cancer.

But he has spoken out about his upset around the use of the term "egghead" in previews for the show. As Lucas points out, his baldness is not a result of choice but is in fact because he suffers from alopecia, a condition that causes a person's hair to fall out.


Whilst for many the term would be seen as nothing more than a bit of a joke, it is easy to see why the comedian has had enough of this, as something that highlights his condition.

Although Lucas does not clarify which paper he is talking about, a quick Google search brings up an article by the Telegraph previewing the Great Celebrity Bake Off, and sure enough there is the description. The article reads: "On hand for hosting duties are amiable egghead Matt Lucas, though his fellow presenter Noel Fielding is MIA as he was on paternity leave when the series was filming."

Clearly the term isn't deliberately used in a derogatory or offensive way. But ultimately it's a word that does have a mocking tone, highlighting Lucas's appearance and his genetic condition.


Hopefully, whoever it is that Lucas is aiming his comments at can take note, and find it within themselves to avoid using the term next time they write about the show.