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12th Jun 2017

Microsoft finally reveal their new console

Some of the games look absolutely incredible

Rory Cashin

So long, Project Scorpio. Say hello to the Xbox One X.

Yep, that’s the name of Microsoft’s new console, and they’re really pushing the boat out in terms of technical capability.

Due out on 7 November (just in time for Christmas) for £450.

On top of some of the new releases (detailed below), several current Xbox One games will be getting free Xbox One X upgrades once the console is released.

Some of the titles set for the new console are nothing short of jaw-dropping. So here, in alphabetical order, or some of the games that really got us very excited for November and beyond.


We’ve been saying it for years, but there is literally no game that can’t be improved upon by the inclusion of a jet-pack. Anthem looks to take that idea and run with it, as the open-world sci-fi game very much makes jet-packing an important part of the process. Looks like Halo meets Titanfall 2, and that should be enough to get you pre-ordering it already.


We’ll leave it to the makers to describe this one: “This is a video game about great expectations, famous folk singers, lingering shadows, space Gods, hallucinogens, individuality, reptile shops, and wild imaginations.” Cool. It also comes from AnnaPurna, the film company behind the likes of American Hustle, Zero Dark Thirty, Her and Sausage Party.


Fans of the series will be happy to know that Origins will be taking things right back to the very beginning of the Brotherhood, as we travel around Ancient Egypt and find ourselves sliding down the side of pyramids, getting involved in camel races and fighting off crocodiles in the Nile. Awesome.


Terry Crews supports it. We support Terry Crews. That should be all we need to say about this one.


The racing car fans’ racing car game, we imagine the photo-realism of this on the Xbox One X, matched to the right TV, will have viewers questioning if you’re watching the real thing or not. There will be nearly 700 cars to choose from, including the brand new 2018 Porsche 911.


It looks like a lost version of Blade Runner game from 30 years ago has just been rediscovered, and given current-gen graphics. We’re not entirely sure what the plot involves, but the early word is that this will be a unique experience involving infiltrating technology to do your bidding. So kinda like Watchdogs, but infinitely cooler.


Being pitched as the Ultimate Zombie Game is quite the statement to make, but SoD2 takes place 18 months after the zombie apocalypse kicked off, and wants you to team together with other survivors to ensure the future of the human race. Of course, this being the zombie apocalypse, the undead won’t be the only ones you need to keep an eye on.


Fans of the cult-classic Gone Home will see some similarities here (probably because this comes from the same makers), but this time we control a character who has been sent to a space station to recover some vital information, and discovers that the crew had been evacuated. Spooky…

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