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22nd Jun 2017

WATCH: Snapchat have released a new feature called Snap Map

Another new feature

Darragh Berry

It will show your friends in real time.

Snapchat have released a brand new feature for its global iOS and Android users called Snap Map. The map becomes an entirely new screen on the app and lets users, in real time, see the location of their friends and what other Snapchatters are doing all over the world.

The company said that their users have been wanting a way to see where their friends are and what they’re doing as well as sharing that information in return.

Snapchat also think that Snap Map could work like Twitter in a way that it would show breaking news on the app before it hits the mainstream media.

They have designed a step-by-step guide on how to use the map. A user can either make their location visible to all their friends, a select group of friends, or to no one at all which Snapchat calls going into “Ghost Mode.”

As well as that, Snapchat users will also have the option to share their location with the wider Snapchat community map making their whereabouts known to others who have the app.

The latest feature will also have Actionmojis which is similar to the Bitmoji. It’s created by analysing the user’s location, time of day or speed of travel and will appear on the map when a user chooses to share their location.

Clip via Snapchat