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29th Apr 2016

6 new videogames you should should be playing this Bank Holiday weekend

Ratchet and Clank tops our game selections this week

Carl Anka

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend. So shun spending time with all your mates, stay indoors and play a bunch of videogames instead.

A wonderful selection of games were released this week. Here’s our pick of the best of the bunch.


Ratchet and Clank (Playstation 4)

A glorious reimagining of its 2002 debut, Ratchet and Clank sees the return of some two of the PS2’s biggest stars in a sumptuous action platformer. Made in part to tie-in with the upcoming Ratchet and Clank film, the new game has been described by some as the closest you can get to a ‘playable Pixar film’. High praise indeed. A game that’s sure to be on many end of year lists.

Hyperlight Drifter

Hyperlight Drifter (PC, Mac)

Another indie game darling, Hyperlight Drifter is a beautiful action adventure game that plays like a classic Legend of Zelda game. Featuring gorgeous art design, a left field plot (all the character speak in weird emoji-like hieroglyphs) and a catchy soundtrack, you’ll lose yourself for weeks in this game. If only because it’s rather hard.



*Rocket League (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Yes Rocket League is not a new game, but it did get a new update that allows you to play Hoops – a basketball themed remix. Giving a whole new spin the on the Rocket League formula (you have to think of everything a lot more vertically now), it’s well worth picking up again.



Hitman: Episode Two (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Agent 47 is back with another perfectly pitched bit of wet work. Episode Two of the new Hitman game takes you to the sleepy Italian seaside town of Sapienza before letting you have at it. We admit, when we first heard the new Hitman game would be broken into instalments we were skeptical, but after discovering IO Interactive packs more into one levels than many games put into their entire 3rd act, we were brought onside. A game that can take months to perfect. Wondrous.



Hammer Bomb (iOS, Android)

Hammer Bomb is a fantastic little first person dungeon crawler that harks back to the weird games you played when you bunked ICT class. Run around mazes, pick up power ups and battle tricky bosses in a fun romp to distract yourself with when your mates leave you to have a smoke in the pub.



The Banner Saga 2 (PC)

The Banner Saga 2 is a GORGEOUS tactical RPG. The second part of a wonderfully woven trilogy, the Viking centred tale will have you choosing race and character  as you try to lead your band of heroes on an epic battle of survival. Gripping gameplay.

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