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This video lets you watch the Titanic sink in real time
It's almost as long as the James Cameron film...

Here's a curious little (long, very long) video to pass the time with.

Game developers Four Funnels Entertainment are partway through their creation of new game "Titanic - Honor & Glory",  that will allow gamers to experience life on the Titanic. To whet appetites ahead of launch, they've launched this video where you can watch the infamous ship in real time.


While James Cameron's Titanic wasn't exactly the most accurate representation of the events of April 15, 1912, we figured the actual sinking of the ship was bang on.

Apparently not, as this video revealed it took two hours and forty minutes for the Titanic to finally sink.

160 minutes seems a little long for a viral video, but Four Funnels simulation has racked up 1.3 million views on Youtube since its launch last week.


Like we said, it's a curious video and one to dip in and out of every now and again.

Give it a peek.

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