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29th Apr 2016

This iPhone hack allows you to change the shape of your icon folders

Ellen Tannam

iPhones are beautiful, but not really that customisable compared to their Android cousins

Visually, there’s only so much you can do to change the look of your phone without going through all the hassle of getting it jailbroken, but one YouTube user has figured out a cool way to customise the look of your phone, especially if you keep all of your apps organised in folders.

It’s a pretty simple method too, you just have to set a very small image as your Home screen wallpaper.

According to, if you download a sufficiently small image (we’re talking 3×3 pixels), you just have to go to the picture in your Photos app, click the Share icon and select ‘Use as wallpaper’, or go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Camera Roll and select the tiny image there.

If you can’t find any images small enough, you can download one here.

People don’t know why it’s happening, but our best guess is some sort of bug or software anomaly.

Looks cool, though.

Our only quibble is that we have to sacrifice our adorable wallpaper of our dog to enjoy the snazzy new folders, but then circles are a far more aesthetically pleasing shape.

You can watch the video of it in action below:

Clip via YouTube/videosdebarraquito