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08th Apr 2017

The middle seats on planes might be about to change forever with this new design

Game changer

Paul Moore

The aisle and window seat might not be the best places to park your bum.

We’re all creatures of habit because when you’re checking in for a flight, it’s very likely that your preference is for a window or aisle seat.

It’s just the way that we’re programmed because these two options avoid being stuck in the middle, wrestling for armrest domination or the dreaded fear that someone is going to fall asleep and drool on your shoulder.

Plus the aisle seat avoids the necessity to answer one of Tyler Durden’s most famous lines from Fight Club”“now, a question of etiquette – as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?”

Well, the engineers, designers and technicians at Molon Labe may have done the impossible because their new design, The Stagger Seat, has actually made the middle seat far more attractive for passengers.

What they’ve done is positioned the centre seat a few inches behind and below its right and left counterpart. The most important thing though is that they’ve somehow managed to make the middle seat three inches wider.

What type of aeronautical witchcraft is this?

Well, according to their website, the new design “offers increased living space for all passengers, as well as dedicated armrest and breathable, comfortable Supracor foam. Making it one of the most comfortable slim-line seats on the market.”

They also state that this new design will allow for “faster turnarounds, improved fleet utilization and reduced airside costs.”

Take a look at how it works.

Clip via – Side-Slip Seat