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20th Dec 2016

The latest Whatsapp feature is the best development we could have asked for

Finally somebody is listening to us

Megan Roantree

This will be handy on drunken Christmas nights.

We’ve all sent a message to the wrong person or sent a message we quickly regret and have been crying out for an ‘unsend’ button.

It appears that the people behind Whatsapp have heard our prayers as they may soon allow users to revoke or edit sent messages.

This means that if you make an error in the text you can edit it, like you can with Facebook statuses.

As well as being able to edit sent messages, you will also be able to delete them, which is a dream come true.

However, reports suggest the revoke function will probably only work if the recipient has not yet seen the message, so you have to be quick.

WhatsApp is currently trialling the new feature within its iPhone beta software.

For those with access to the early beta release, it is said to be disabled by default, meaning that you will have to turn it on manually in settings.

Here’s hoping it soon becomes available to all Whatsapp users.