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20th Sep 2017

The iOS 11 has landed and a few features will take some getting used to

The jury is out on this one

Denise Curtin

Brace yourselves.

Nobody likes updating their iPhones because, to be honest, it’s just a load of unnecessary effort. But the latest iOS instalment is causing more ruckus then ever before for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the new iOS update needs 2.3GB of storage to download… I mean COME ON. With the average iPhone being 16GB on purchase, this is an absolutely insane amount of required storage which many of us don’t have.

Swiping down to check your notifications now slides down the lock screen which has everyone totally confused.

One of the CREEPIEST updates… iOS 11 now has screen recording which means people can now record your Snapchats without you having a notion. Fantastic……


Another reported flaw is once again a serious drain on battery.

But now… let’s try focus on some of the positives.

You can now turn mobile data on and off instantly by sliding up. Success.

The camera roll now supports GIFS. Yeow.

And there are some very cool iMessage effects.

Overall the verdict on this update is pretty 50/50.