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11th Jul 2017

Snapchat have made a big change in their latest update

Alan Loughnane

A game changer for a lot of people…

Snapchat have made the change many people having been requesting for years, and they did it subtly, without any major fuss.

The photo sharing app has, in the past, strayed away from what the competition is doing, but their latest feature is a pointed divergence from this trend.

A new Paperclip feature allows users to add hyperlinks to Stories and snaps, similar to Instagram Stories… or exactly the same really, but Snapchat had the whole concept of Stories first so we’ll let them away with it.

This means that a website link can be added to the snap with a click of the paperclip button, and by swiping up on the snap, users will be diverted to a web page.

The link will be handy in a lot of situations such as links to interesting articles or content, or something as simple as a link to get tickets to a gig.

While there were some concerns raised over the safety of such a feature and how it could be a breeding ground for malicious and fraudulent software and websites, Snapchat says it has this base well covered.

The company told TechCrunch: “That all shared links must abide by its terms of service, community guidelines and privacy policy.

“Snap will use its own automated trust and safety tools, as well as information from Google’s Safe Browsing service, to warn users about potential phishing scams, malware or other dangerous sites.”

Other features include voice filters which will allow people to remix their voice after a snap has been taken, and also the addition of Backdrops. This lets you cut out an object from your Snap and manipulate it to put a colourful or artsy pattern on it.