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20th Oct 2017

The introduction of the ‘Elsie’ could make selfies a thing of the past

It's the app that absolutely nobody asked for

Darragh Berry

“The Selfie is dead. Meet the Elsie.”

If you’re a member of any form of social media, you’ll know what we mean when we say finding the perfect photo is almost impossible.

We’ve heard of Boyfriends of Instagram who devote their time (scratch that, who devote what is supposed to be shared couple time) finding the perfect angle and setting for the best photo for their significant other.

However, a company called ElsiePic wants to overtake selfie sticks and the Boyfs of Insta and become a dominant name amongst regular picture takers.

They want to roll out an app, which is effectively like Uber, for nearby people who are willing to take a photo of you and your friends/partner/dog or whoever you are joined by.

“Elsies are photos taken by someone else.”

The app is specially designed to put an end to those difficult hours spent perfecting the ideal group photo that a selfie can never really capture.

In a press release put out by the company, co-founder Tatiana Cooke shared the moment that apparently prompted the epiphany that underpins the app.

“[Cooke] got the idea for ElsiePic two years ago when she was on vacation in with her husband and his family. They were at the Alamo and ran into the problem of figuring out who gets to be in the picture and who gets to take it,” she stated.

There is one slight problem with the app though, the photographer doesn’t come to you, you go to them.

“Once the user selects a photographer, the customer can go to the photographer’s location to capture their next Instagram yoga pose, holiday postcard or a once in a lifetime vacation to the Taj Mahal.”

It may be the app that absolutely nobody asked for but you can just tell that it’s going to be the hottest thing on the market when it gets released to the public.