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25th May 2019

There’s another major setback for Huawei smartphones

Carl Kinsella

Huawei, one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, has had a rough month

As part of a deepening trade war with China, President Donald Trump has prohibited US companies from using Huawei technology – deeming their products to be a security risk. The ban has been delayed by 90 days.

Following the declaration, Google announced that they would comply with Trump’s policy, and deny Huawei phones future access to the Android operating system, and security updates. Google also said they would no longer provide technical support for Huawei users.

Now, the SD Association, the trade group responsible for standardising SD and microSD cards, has barred Huawei from membership. The decision was taken as a direct consequence of Trump’s announcement of a national emergency.

SD cards and microSD cards essentially serve as memory cards, which have a standardised format that works across most technology. This latest development suggests that future Huawei smartphones will not be compatible with the SD card formats.

Huawei has confirmed to Engadget that this latest blow will not affect their customers right away, but the future is definitely uncertain for Huawei.

The Chinese giant has said that it has been planning to transition to its own model of Nano Memory Cards since before the ban came into effect.