New trailer for The Last Of Us Part II is staggeringly violent, scary and brilliant 4 years ago

New trailer for The Last Of Us Part II is staggeringly violent, scary and brilliant

"Demons are coming..."

Released in June 2013, the first The Last Of Us game was a landmark moment in gaming, mixing incredible horror/action gameplay with a truly engaging story that pretty much surpassed 99.9999% of movies in terms of entertainment and emotional reactions.


It won over 240 Game Of The Year Awards that year and is rightly considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made. Then, ten months ago, PlayStation dropped their first teaser for the sequel:

Looking like it was picking back up with Ellie and Joel about a decade or so after the events of the first game, we thought we had some sold footing with what to expect with the sequel.

Turns out we were dead wrong, as the new trailer was released this week at the Paris Games Week, and we're introduced to a group of new characters.


Take a look below:

All clips via PlayStation

How fantastic was that?


Admittedly, it was shockingly violent - something that some folk on the internet are reacting quite negatively to - but sets up the mystery as to who this almost-hanged woman is, and how she ties into the The Last Of Us story as we know.

Games developers Naughty Dog are being very coy about it:

At its core, The Last of Us Part II is still very much about Ellie and Joel, but for this reveal, we wanted to showcase several new characters that are integral to their next journey. We’re sure you have many questions after watching this scene. We’re also pretty sure that we’re going to see all sorts of theories about whom these characters are, where and when this scene takes place, and how all of this fits into Ellie and Joel’s next story. For now we’re keeping mum, but we’re excited to see what y’all make of this piece of the puzzle.

The big theory online is that this might be Anna, Ellie's mother. She died right after Ellie was born, so it would figure in with the events of this new scene, but would also be set at least 15 years before the events of the first game.


At the moment there isn't even a release date for the new game - we're guessing closer to Christmas 2018 - but The Last Of Us Part II has just jumped to the top of our most anticipated releases list.