This is the ultimate smartwatch for when you go adventuring 8 months ago

This is the ultimate smartwatch for when you go adventuring

In partnership with HONOR

We spend too much of our lives indoors and looking at screens. We all want to get out more and have more adventures.


But we also need to stay connected to the world. So here is the ultimate bit of kit for that: the HONOR Watch GS Pro.

Available in three colours, the GS Pro has a rugged design featuring a stainless-steel bezel ring and dial, capable of handling whatever you put it through. It gives you 25 days of battery life on a two-hour charge, or up to 48 hours of battery life when GPS is enabled. So it is not going to conk out on you.

It is the ultimate companion for all your fitness training and outdoor activities. It comes packed with workout modes covering everything from hiking to mountain climbing, swimming to cycling, outdoor and indoor running, and much, much more.

Whatever you’re up to, the GS Pro has a mode for it. Perhaps the most exciting one is the newly-launched skiing mode, which will automatically track you in real-time, and has scenarios for snowboarding and cross-country skiing as well.

It is also full of features to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you are not working up a sweat. There’s a 24/7 heart rate monitor, complete with an advanced AI algorithm to ensure accuracy, as well as a SpO2 monitor to keep track of your blood oxygen saturation level throughout the day. Add in sleep and stress monitors, and you’ve got everything you need to help improve your wellbeing.


Of course, you also need it to be a top-quality smartwatch, and the GS Pro doesn’t disappoint on that front either. You can use it to manage phone calls via Bluetooth, and it stores up to 500 hundred songs as well, to keep you going on your adventures.

Another cool feature is the Remote Photo Shooting – which lets you take a photo from your smartphone via the watch, so it's easy to get that epic photo once you've climbed all the way to the peak.

And if you are in the market for some other cool portable tech, it is also worth looking at the HONOR MagicBook. It is a sleek and compact laptop that still has incredible power.

It has a lovely minimalist aluminium design, and is less than 16mm thick, but inside is the powerful AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Mobile Processor with AMD Radeon™ Graphics. It also offers a whopping ten and a half hours of battery life, making sure you can get everything you need to get done on the go.


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