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13th May 2017

Here’s why you’re seeing a purple flower in your Facebook likes

Paul Moore

Spotted it yet?

Every person will know that there’s an age old tradition when it comes to Mother’s Day in America.

You wake up and after seeing various tweets, Facebook stories and social media posts about Mother’s Day, you begin to absolutely panic due to that very real feeling that you’ve just forgotten all about the woman that brought you into the world.

Yep, we’ve been there also.

Well, you’re not going to be disowned this week because on this side of the Atlantic, we celebrate Mother’s Day is in March, not in May.

If you’re an American and are too lazy/broke* to send your mother an actual card to thank your mam and acknowledge a day that’s all about her, you’ll be pleased to know that “In honour of Mother’s Day, we (Facebook) are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction.”

Rather than just love, like, laugh, etc, you can now just be thankful.

Awwww, how nice.

*FYI, if this you, go out and buy your mam a card!