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04th May 2017

Here’s a handy iPhone trick for people that always use their calculator app

Paul Moore

This could be very useful.

Do you remember when you were in school and your maths teacher would say “pay attention because you really need to learn this. Why? Well, you’ll rarely have a calculator with you at all times.”

Ah, how wrong they were.

Granted, we’re fairly certain that our these teachers were talking about using a calculator to solve complex coordinate geometry or trigonometry equations, not basic addition/subtraction/multiplication/division – but the principle is the same.

Everyone’s phone is now a calculator.

Ok, we know that you all have Will Hunting-levels of mathematical genius, but if you frequently finding yourself using the iPhone to solve maths problems, this little trick could save you some time and frustration.

If you accidentally input the wrong digits, most people will usually hit the ‘C’ or ‘AC’ button to clear the problem that’s on screen before starting again.

Well, there’s a far simpler way as this video demonstrates the backspace capability on the iPhone.

Now, go forth and solve maths problems to your heart’s desire.