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05th Apr 2016

Google self-driving car involved in messy collision with bus

No human was at fault...

Jordan Gold

This is how the robot uprising starts…

Video footage showing the moment Google’s new self driving car drove itself into the side of a bus in California has emerged online.

The crash doesn’t look too bad, but it raises some uncomfortable questions about the army of robot slaves we’re building to serve us.

The transit agency has concluded that the bus driver was not responsible. Neither the car passenger (a Google employee) nor anyone on the bus was harmed.

Statistically speaking, self driving cars are still far safe than conventional automobiles, having driven 500,000 miles in America until now without incident.

Still, do you trust a robot to take the wheel? And will the car still some crashing onto the market this summer? Only time will tell…

The video below was released by The Santa Clara Valley transportation authority.