Good news for Call of Duty fans, the new game will go 'back to its roots' 5 years ago

Good news for Call of Duty fans, the new game will go 'back to its roots'

"Traditional combat will once again take centre stage."

Aside from offering incredible gameplay and stellar multi-player modes, one of the main reasons why the Call of Duty saga has proven to be so popular with gamers is its authenticity.


If you happened to play the first three versions of the hit franchise, you'll know that they were all set during World War II. The Modern Warfare arc soon followed as a gaming behemoth was born, the total sales figures from all Call of Duty games have surpassed $15 billion.

While the most recent installment, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, did quite well in terms of sales, it didn't quite reach the levels of the previous installment, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

It appears that Activision have been listening to the feedback from their loyal fanbase because they've promised to take the COD franchise 'back to its roots'.


The software giant stated that: "In 2017, Activision will take Call of Duty back to its roots and traditional combat will once again take centre stage. This is what our dedicated community of Call of Duty players and Sledgehammer Games, which has been developing this year's title, are the most excited about. It's clear that, for a portion of our audience, the space setting just didn't resonate."

"We have a passionate, experienced studio deeply committed to this direction, and despite the risks we saw, we believe it is important to consider the passions of our game teams in deciding what content to create."

There you have it.

Space is done, realistic warfare wins. Lock and load.