FIFA 18 players are using this infuriating gameplay glitch to win matches 4 years ago

FIFA 18 players are using this infuriating gameplay glitch to win matches

This is a sure fire way to lose friends and alienate people...

For as long as there have been video-games, there have been glitch-y ways to beat them easily.


One of the earliest one this games player can recall was with the very first Mortal Kombat game, which allowed you to do one of Raiden's most powerful signature moves in reverse, causing a totally unblockable flying attack that essentially turned every person you fought against into little more than a slight hurdle.

However, using it against another human player invariable resulted in your life suddenly becoming one friend lighter.

And so we come to FIFA 18, and players have noticed a gameplay "glitch", if you can call it that, which allows you to score pretty much from kick-off.


While we don't recommend you do it, here is how to:

From the kick-off, players can pass the ball out wide to their fullback, then play the ball down the wing to their winger, cross and from there you just smack the ball into the back of the net.

Clip via Ovvy


The primary reason for this even being possible is due to the incredible strength of the passing ability of the players in the game, which allows everyone to accurately possess and pass the ball at really high speeds.

Online communities for the game are getting pretty livid about the glitch, with many saying it is easily the worst aspect of the entire game.

Considering that EA has just recently fixed the most recent glitch in the game - which allowed you to beat the game's AI on the hardest difficulty in FIFA Ultimate Team using the worst possible players - we imagine that they'll soon try to fix this issue also.

So if you are hoping to take advantage of it and get your online ranking up, better act fast.