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30th Mar 2022

Dyson launches noise-cancelling headphones that double as air-purifier

April Curtin

The Dyson Zone (Credit: Dyson)

They were actually designed before the pandemic

Dyson’s brand new (and first ever) wearable product is here to remind you that we are very much living in the future.

The Dyson Zone is the name of the company’s newest device and it’s basically a set of noise-cancelling headphones that also blow purified air into your face.

The headphones come with an extra part that covers your nose and mouth and essentially look like something people might wear to silent discos if there’s another pandemic 100 years from now.

The Dyson Zone (Credit: Dyson)

However surprisingly the product was designed pre-pandemic.

Dyson says it has been working on the concept for six years and that it was not influenced by the face mask-era that has spread across the world since covid. Somehow, the company predicted the future – though the mouthpiece does leave room for a mask so you can still stay covid safe.

The device blows filtered air out onto your nose, mouth and chin. There’s even a small air filtration system that directs air from the earcups – but why the weird urge to blow air into all our holes in the first place?

The Dyson Zone (Credit: Dyson)

Well, the idea is that you can listen to incredible music out and about AND protect yourself from pollution at the same time – “delivering pure air and pure sound” as Dyson puts it. Granted, you might look like Bane from Batman but when you’re 60 years old with lungs half your age, maybe you’ll have the last laugh, who knows?

The headphones include three settings for noise cancellation: isolation, conversation and transparency. Isolation provides the highest level of muffling, while transparency allows certain sounds to pass through to allow you to be aware of your surroundings. Conversation kicks in when you dip the mouthpiece and turns off the filtration motors to let you hear who you’re talking to.

The Dyson Zone (Credit: Dyson)

Four air purification modes are also available – low, medium, high and auto. The maximum level can be used when you need a higher purification speed – say if you’re doing a quick jog and breathing quickly . In auto mode, the headphones will figure out the best setting for you.

If you’re really passionate about your pollution levels, you can even download the product’s accompanying app that checks the air quality in the city or region you are in.

At this point, we all want an answer to the same question: how much does this thing cost? Unfortunately Dyson hasn’t shared pricing or availability yet – but with the rate they’re heading into the future, we don’t doubt it’ll be sometime soon.

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