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01st Feb 2016

Deleting one specific app from your android phone will increase its battery life by 20%

Conor Heneghan

Could you manage without it?

There are some people out there who own a smartphone simply so they have Facebook at the tip of their fingers whenever they want it, but it’s putting a serious drain on your battery life.


Russell Holly, a contributing editor at Android Central, recently got rid of Facebook from his phone to see the effect it would have on his battery and as it turns out, it was having quite a big effect indeed.

Holly found that other apps on his phone launched 15% faster when he deleted Facebook and Facebook Messenger from his phone, as did Reddit user pbrandes_eth when he carried out a similar experiment on his own device.

Having read their findings, other Reddit users followed suit and uncovered similar results, while Samuel Gibbs of the Guardian found that his battery life increased by an average of 20% on his Huawei Nexus 6P every day for a week when he tried it out for himself.

Holly himself suggested that Facebook should consider introducing a Facebook Lite app on the back of these findings and while most people are still likely to persist with it on their phones in spite of these revelations, it is still startling that one app could put such a drain on a battery.

Could you see yourself ditching it anytime soon?