The makers of the AK-47 are launching the most Russian electric car imaginable 3 years ago

The makers of the AK-47 are launching the most Russian electric car imaginable

And also a death robot! Hooray!

You might have heard of Kalashnikov, the Russian manufacturing firm behind the infamous AK-47, the weapon of choice for everyone from players of Call of Duty to Grand Theft Auto to various militia groups around the world looking for a light, effective, gas-operated assault rifle.


Their Wikipedia page enlists their products as: weapons, firearms, military robots and vehicles!

Which brings us to this, their attempt to challenge Elon Musk's company Tesla in the electric car market.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Kalashnikov CV-1.

Images courtesy of Kalashnikov media

The car was launched in Moscow on Thursday, along with the statement that promised the car features a number of complex technological systems that ensure Kalashnikov "stand in the ranks of global electric car producers such as Tesla".

Which is bold, given the thing looks like a fridge on wheels with an electric heater glued to the front.


Rather than an actual refrigerator, the CV-1's design is inspired by a 1970s Soviet hatchback called the Izh-Kombi, that, despite sounding like a boiler, was considered a "supercar" at the time.

According to the company, the vehicle can travel 350 km (217 miles) on a single charge.

One user commented on their Facebook page following the announcement: "Your tanks are great, but it would be better if you stayed away from cars."

Which is a sentiment we can all get on board with, I'm sure. More people-destroying tanks and less environment-saving electric cars please Kalashnikov!

The company recently received criticism earlier this week after unveiling Igorek, a.k.a Little Igor, a big, clunky robot death machine from your Cold War nightmares.


This is Little Igor.

Tbh I think I could beat that thing with an extension cord around its legs and a jug of water, but what do I know. Nothing. Absolutely nothing lads.